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I am writing this letter to you to let know what a great product you have. I've had psoriasis for 28 years and in that time I have used all kinds of prescription drugs and non-prescription. Thank God I tried skin original it has changed my life. I can wear shorts and experience the things that people with normal skin do. The list goes on and on. So the least I can do is extend my gratitude towards the Armstrong Family.

David Morris North Clinton, TWP. MI

I would just like to say that the product you let me try skin original worked fantastic. I have had a problem with very dry skin for years, and have tried many, many products, and they have not helped. I have been to several doctors, and they said I have Psoriasis, and I just could not get rid of it. After using your product for just a few times I noticed a big change. I am very happy with the results, and I will continue using it.

Bob La Fountaine Pleasanton, CA


I have noticed an improvement already, since I began using your product on the 13th of June. It keeps me comfortable and has seemed to lighten the redness and inflammation all along my forehead. I am beginning to see my true skin break through in many of the spots. If I continue to see improvement I may soon purchase another Stage II, when my first on runs out. Thank you for making me comfortable and more at ease with my appearance!

Rose Clay Sacramento, CA

I want to thank you for making this formula [Psoriasis]. As simple as it is with the lactic acid in the cream and moisturizer from the waxe, wonderful. Best of all it works!! I've been to the dermatologist office so much in the past few months and this is the only thing that has relieved the itching, cracking, and pain. I would like to purchase a small version for my mother. She recently had shingles and from time to time it still bothers her. Would this formulation work for her?

Nina Banyaga Long Beach, CA

I have been using skin original on my psoriasis for several months now. It is truly amazing, far more effective than anything my doctor and clinic have given me! The scales are almost gone and in some places the skin has returned to its natural color and softness. I think in time it will take it all away. Some places are so clear it's hard to find them to apply the skin aid and I know I missed some but they haven't come back. Also my neck is sensitive to shaving and breaks out in red welts. The skin aid soothes on contact. After covering the areas twice the welts once it's usually gone. Now I have less trouble shaving and use the skin aid only as needed, once in a while. I also use it on my cuticles as I use paint thinner and such at work to stop cracking and dryness of cuticles quickly.

Ronald C. Matthews Hemet, CA



In August of 2001, I experienced getting sunburned on the face while doing water polo practice. This was especially painful on the nose, however my whole face was sunburned, and continued to get worse with each day of practice to the point to where the pain and burn were too severe to do anything. Further, every time I tried to smile it was so painful, and more consistently itch. I would try to scratch it and couldn't because of the pain. About the 5th day I was advised by a friend to us skin original, he told me first of all for the relief of the pain and the 2nd healing of the skin. I was at first very skeptical about using it as the pain was so severe, I tested it on my nose and after about a minute the pain was gone. What a relief this was. This gave me the confidence to go ahead and put it on the rest of my face, it was wonderful, the pain was gone that I had been dealing with for 5 days. Through continued use of 5 days the sun burn was gone, most amazingly my sin did not peel as it normally would. I experienced very minor peeling of the skin, and that was on the nose only. Normally from the past, when the sunburn was in the healing process, I would want to itch all the time, skin original took away the itching and I was very comfortable as my skin returned back to normal.

Andrew Grayson Downey, CA

I am an international lecturer and have a private practice in Norwalk, California. My teaching experience includes topics relating to full mouth reconstruction, rehabilitation, and orthodontics in nineteen countries worldwide. I had a one centimeter brown spot on my left anterior shoulder that Skin-Aid removed in three days. I only wish had taken before and after photographs because I remained amazed that the lesion was completely gone so rapidly. My ten-year-old son also has slight generalized Eczema. I asked him once to try the product on one arm to evaluate the results. After seven days the arm treated with Skin Original looked Eczema- free compared to the non-treated arm. I am now using the product on patients treated with electrocautory to reduce post-operative pain and to accelerate healing. Initial trials appear to be impressive and promising.

Thank you,
Ralph Nicassio, D.D.S. Norwalk, CA

Your product is wonderful! I am extremely grateful for finally finding a product that works on extremely dry skin, eczema, dry skin, and bug bites etc.

Lynette Daye Los Angeles, CA

I have a 6 year-old-son who has had eczema since he was born. His skin has felt like sand paper and his flare-ups have included cracks which bleed, swelling itchy welts, small and large mosquito bite-like bumps and internal itch requiring oral medication. This has been a vicious cycle of good weeks and bad weeks as his skin is monitored on a daily basis. We have seen a number of doctors, have followed the three baths a week, rinsing good after swimming and lathering with lotions nightly routine now for 6 years. We have tried a number of products both over the counter and doctor prescribed. The list is long: Eucerin, Neutrogena, Aquaphor, Aveeno, Gloves in a bottle, Des Owen, Hydrocortizone 2.5%, Triaminolone 0.1%. Nothing has seemed to work on a long term basis. Until I met all natural skin original for Eczema. We have been using this product regularly for two months and my son's skin has improved greatly. Although the dry itchy skin has not cleared up completely, I have seen a marked improvement. His skin feels softer, less bumpy, his flare-ups are almost nonexistent and he does not get that agitated itchy feeling as often as before. I believe that this is a product, which can help others who have gone through the extremes to fight this disease. I support this 100%!

Yours Truly,
Diana Rios La Habra, CA

My name is Richard Hall. I am 53 years old. I was born with a birth defect called "Spinal bifida" which was a tumor on my spine. The doctors at Shriners Hospital in San Francisco removed the tumor when I was less than week old. It left me paralyzed from the waist down. From my early teens to present I have had chronic bed sores which is a skin breakdown from sitting in one position too long.

I've had dozens of surgeries which have kept me confined to bed and unable to work. I'v had them heal up only to break down again a few weeks later. To complicate matters I've had diabetes for over 5 years. Through a very close friend I was introduced to the product Skin Original.

Within 2 weeks of using it to my amazement the sore showed a remarkable change in size. I continue using ARMSTRONG SKIN AID 3 to 4 times a day applying only a small amount to the area. In the nearly 30 years i've had these sores, I've never found a product that has given me hope for permanent solution to my problem. Skin Original is working for me. I highly recommend it.

Richard Hall Lakewood, CA

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